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03 February 2020The Design, Beauty and History of Frames
04 February 2019A Passion for Fashion
29 January 2018Art in the City of London: Gallery on the Street, Stained Glass and Architectural Sculpture.
10 April 2017Catherine the Great: Empress of all the Russias
25 January 2016Telling Time through the Ages
23 February 2015Paintings inspired by music and Music inspired by paintings
27 January 2014Art Nouveau: Architecture and Design
28 January 2013The Age of Elegance: Georgian Furniture

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The Design, Beauty and History of Frames Julia Korner. Monday 03 February 2020

Booking October 2019.

Julia Korner is a specialist & lecturer in fine art conservation & the restoration of paintings, sculptures & frames.   She set up the Maritime Dept. for Christies and now works independently in her own studio in West London.

Picture frames first existed in Egypt in AD 50-70 and were found in an Egyptian tomb. The hand-carved wooden frames that we can recognize as such were first developed in the 12th to 13th centuries. Just like many frames today, the early versions were made of wood.

While we use picture frames today to complement the photograph, artwork, and other mementos, picture frames in the past were first considered before considering the object it was going to frame.