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15 April 2019Victoria and Albert: Art and Love.
20 May 2019Art Inspired by Wine
17 June 2019A Royal Rescue: Dumfries House Saved and Revealed.
15 July 2019The Punch and Judy Show: A Subversive Symbol from Commedia dell'arte to Present.

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Victoria and Albert: Art and Love. Barbara Askew Monday 15 April 2019

Barbara Askew is an Historian, Tour Guide and a London Blue Badge Guide since 1988.

Queen Victoria and especially Prince Albert had a genuine love for, knowledge of and commitment to the arts. Their patronage of the arts was a shared passion that lasted throughout their marriage. Strikingly, their collecting covered nearly every form of fine and decorative art as well as music and the theatre. It encompassed all periods and had an international reach. The royal couple keenly pursued their interest in the arts, often visiting painters and sculptors in their studios; on occasion they even offered advice about how to improve the art work they saw.