The National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS) was founded in 1968 to promote and advance aesthetic education, to cultivate the appreciation and study of the decorative and fine arts and to give aid to the conservation of our national artistic heritage.   In 2017 NADFAS was rebranded as The Arts Society.

Betchworth Decorative and Fine Arts Society was a member society of NADFAS since 1996. Now as The Arts Society Betchworth it is a member of the rebranded Arts Society.

Our society usually meets in the afternoons of the third Monday of the month. These main meetings, held in the Betchworth Village Memorial Hall, are in the form of an illustrated lecture. We also run Special Interest Days in which subjects are studied in greater depth. Our speakers, who are all experts in their specialist fields, are taken from a Directory maintained by the Arts Society which ensures a high standard.

We organise Visits to historical and cultural venues, and most years we organise a 4-5 day home or overseas Tour. This programme gives our members many opportunities to catch up with old friends, meet new people and visit new places. You can find out more about all these events in the various sections of our web site.

The Arts Society Betchworth also supports a Volunteer programme including Young Arts, Church Recording and Trails and Heritage Volunteers.

We are a friendly group with a membership of 283. There is no waiting list and new members will always be welcome;guests may join us for individual lectures, for which a small fee will be collected at the door.